Falcon Ridge Produce


Falcon Ridge Farm is dedicated to providing you with high quality fruits and vegetables and fostering responsible relationships between the food you eat, the land on which it is grown and those who grow it.  Unlike many other so-called “fresh produce vendors” we do not buy fruits and vegetables grown by anyone else.  If you buy it from us, you can be assured it was grown here by the Gilmer family.                   

Using a water wheel transplanter to plant strawberries.


Click here for a printable Seasonal Produce Guide

Where can I buy Falcon Ridge Farm Produce?

CSA/Farm Share Program- Join our CSA/Farm Share Program and receive a box full of our delicious produce once a week during the growing season!

The Market at Falcon Ridge During the harvest season.  Tuesday – Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-12pm.  Closed Sunday and Monday.

West Tennessee Farmers Market (Jackson, TN) We are usually here every  Saturday from April- September.

Memphis Farmers Market- We are usually here every Saturday from April- September.

Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market (Memphis)- We are usually here every Saturday from April- September.

“Being from the fourth generation of a farming family, we have always been blessed with fresh fruit and vegetables right from our very own ground.  We often took this luxury for granted and began to see this tradition slowly fading away and decided to do something about it.    We want everyone to be able to experience what ‘real’  fresh from the garden produce is supposed to taste like!  In today’s world of obesity, heart disease, and cancer, a healthier way to eat has never been more important.  We feel that if we can help just one family eat better through our farm, we have a responsibility to do so.  Let us provide you with your next meal, straight from our home to yours!” 
-The Gilmers


For more information, call (731) 658-5200 or contact us today.