CSA-Community Supported Agriculture

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If you have ever eaten fresh-from-the-farm produce, you know that the quality and flavor is second to none! With no preservatives and packed full of nutrients, not only is eating straight from the farm tasty, but it’s healthy, too.

What is a CSA?

 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) creates a direct relationship, a partnership, between you and our farm, and between the consumption and production of food. This is a mutually beneficial IMG_2219arrangement, where in exchange for your commitment to buy a share in our farm’s harvest, we commit to grow exceptionally high quality fruits and vegetables and provide a bountiful portion of it to you during the peak of the growing season.  When you become a member of our CSA program you will receive a weekly or bi-weekly share of fresh in-season produce. Your membership helps us pay for seeds, water, equipment maintenance, labor, and supplies. Becoming a CSA member fosters responsible relationships between the food you eat, the land on which it is grown and those who grow it.

 Reasons why people join a CSA:

  • To enjoy truly fresh, local produce that you can’t get at the supermarket.
  • To eat healthier by enjoying flavored-filled produce packed with vitamins.
  • To help support and continue the tradition of local family farms.
  • To teach children that their food isn’t grown at Wal-Mart.
  • To develop a relationship with the farmer that grows their food and know exactly where it came from.
  • To discover new vegetables and recipes.

 Reasons why farmers offer a CSA:

  • To spend time marketing their food early in the year before the 16 hour days in the field begin.
  • To receive payment early in the season, which helps the farm’s cash flow.
  • To develop a relationship with the people that they grow the food for.
  • To do their part in promoting a healthier community.
  • To show everyone what real food tastes like! 

Why Falcon Ridge Farm’s CSA?

  • DSC_6833We grow it!  Everything you receive in your share is grown and carefully harvested by hand at Falcon Ridge!
  • We have fruit!  Many CSA’s offer only vegetables.  Falcon Ridge has strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, muscadines, watermelons and have apple and peach trees that will be ready to harvest in the next couple of years!
  • Large share sizes! The sizes offered are 50% – 100% larger than many of our competitors.
  • Options!  We now offer the choice of 3 different seasons, 3 share sizes and 12 pick-up locations.
  • We are a Family Farm!  Falcon Ridge is a family owned and operated farm that is passionate about the quality and nutritional value of the food they are raising for their children, grandchildren and customers.

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